Labbaik Allahhumma Labbaik Labbaik Lasharika Laka Labbaik

Do you possess wealth?
Do you have enough money to meet your basic requirements fulfill?
If Yes ! Do you know on these conditions the Almighty Allah has made Hajj compulsory on you ?

None of us can predict about tomorrow , neither about our well being nor about our life , nor about wealth which Allah (T) has given us today. This is 100% true that tomorrow is unpredictable .So why don't we participate this year as Haji, rather than postponing it for the next year, because again we all know from bottom of heart that " sooner the Better ".

One should never forget the devil, for whenever one thinks of doing a good deed ( don't forget Hajj is not only a good deed but also compulsory (Farz) on us, the devil tries to keep us away from doing it. If he fails in his first attempt, he makes you to postpone it for tomorrow by indulging you in doing other material things., which seems to be very important , materialistically . Finally you decide that you can perform Hajj next year.

And we all know this tomorrow never comes.

Nabi (S) has said :
" If you have been given Wealth & Health by God, And Law of land has not detained you , Even then you have not Performed Hajj , You die as Yahudi or Nasrani, decision is yours."

We at Asian Tours and Travels invite you on behalf of Nabi ( S. W. ) to come and perform Hajj this year which Almighty Allah has made compulsory on us.